Pipedream Now Shipping Pump Worx's Max Boost Pro Flow Pumps

WEST HILLS, Calif.Pipedream Products is now shipping two brand-new Pump Worx Max Boost Pro Flow waterproof penis pumps from the distributor's Midwest distribution center.

Available in Navy/Rose Gold and all White, the Max Boost Pro Flow pumps combine intense vacuum suction with fully automated pressure controls. Powered by a super strong built-in motor, the rechargeable Max Boost Pro Flow pumps feature a waterproof IPX6 rating, allowing them to be fully submerged and filled with water during use. With three automatic modes to choose from, users can activate the vacuum suction without attaching hoses, pumps or handles. In manual mode, the pump activates every time the button is pushed.

The pumps' bright LEDs change colors as the pressure increases, clearly indicating when to stop pumping and engage the release valve. The see-through cylinder features a laser-engraved ruler to measure progress, and the tube can be filled partially with water or completely submerged during use.

The Max Boost Pro Flow power pumps are backed by Pipedream’s 1-year limited warranty, rechargeable via a magnetic USB cord, and available in case counts of 24. The sturdy, corrugated boxes feature scannable QR codes on the front of the box that link to a product demo video. For more information or to place an order, contact your Pipedream sales representative or one of Pipedream’s preferred distribution partners. 

See a video of the Pump Worx Max Boost Pro Flow in action here