Pineapple Support Raising Funds With 2019 Calendar

To help raise money to provide performers with mental health services over the coming year, Pineapple Support has launched a new calendar, in conjunction with Clips4Sale and photographer Scott Church.

The 2019 calendar features an exquisite set of photos by Mr. Church on the island of Ibiza. Sales from the calendar will help raise much-needed funds so that can continue to provide mental health care for people in the adult industry.

Pineapple Support is providing 24/7 emotional support for performers during the holidays, as well as connecting performers in need with no-and-low cost sessions with therapists.

Scott Church’s work has appeared in Playboy magazine, on VH1,, Penthouse and Skin Too, and many others. The calendar photographs were taken exclusively for Pineapple Support.

“It is only through the support of organizations and individuals such as Clips4Sale and Scott Church that Pineapple Support can provide the industry with the mental health care and emotional support needed,” said Leya Tanit, President and Founder of Pineapple Support. “Sales of these calendars will raise funds to pay for therapy sessions for performers in need.”

For 15 years Clips4Sale has represented producers and models that wish to share their content online with a massive audience. Now providing more than 1,000 categories to choose from and over 7 million video clips, Clips4Sale has continued to be a very popular clip download site for fans and performers alike.

“Clips4Sale is proud to be a primary sponsor of the Pineapple Support Charity,” said Neil, the founder of Clips4Sale. “After many years of seeing firsthand how some people in the industry have struggled to be well, I am very pleased to see a real organization taking their cause seriously, and proud to be able to work with such a great charity to offer help to individuals who need it.”

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