Ovo Lifestyle Toys Shine in ‘Swiped Right’

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla.—Products from the brand Ovo Lifestyle Toys were featured in Swiped Right, a film that screened at the 2017 Hoboken International Film Festival.

According to a synopsis on the movie’s website, “When Ava and Angelo swipe right, they meet through the cosmic forces of the internet. Sometimes the worst date of your life is just the beginning.”

In the scene featuring the Ovo toys, the main character and her two friends are out to dinner when they break out the E6 Triple Vibrator, the L1 Love Balls and the S1 Lay-On Massager.

“OVO Lifestyle Toys was a perfect fit for our film,” said one of the producers of the film. “The sleek and modern design of the toys, coupled with the superb functionality, made the toys an easy choice to feature. The main character of the film is a successful businesswoman with disposable income, so it’s fitting that she can afford the best products, which to us is Ovo.”

“We are very excited to have our products prominently featured in the film,” said Samantha Brown, brand ambassador for OVO Lifestyle Toys. “Swiped Right is all about the ups and downs of dating in this digital age, and how being on your own or in a relationship are both okay. Our toys are perfect for individuals or couples to safely, discreetly and luxuriously enhance their relationships.”

At the 2017 Hoboken International Film Festival, Swiped Right was one of only five films nominated for the Audience Choice Award.

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For more information on Swiped Right, see the movie’s Facebook page here.

Above, image from the movie poster.