Nick Hawk Part Of Vigliano Books’ ‘Sexoirs of a Gigolo’ Series

LAS VEGAS—Sexoirs of a Gigolo, a series of three e-books by some of the steamy stars of Showtime's Gigolos—Nick Hawk, Ash Armand and Bradley Lords—is now available on e-book platforms including Kindle, Nook and iTunes.

Those in the adult industry might be familiar with Hawk from his line of products through California Exotic Novelties.

On a recent episode of the popular reality TV series, New York-based publisher Vigliano Books challenged the Gigolos to a competition to find out who could write the best "sexoir," a memoir based on personal sexual history, offering to publish the winning entry as an e-book. The men jumped at the offer and the resulting short stories were all such intimate, rousing page-turners that Vigliano Books opted to publish all three.

Nick Hawk writes nostalgically about a Costa Rican vacation with a beautiful client who's at death's door. Ash Armand, a naturally talented writer, offers spiritual, lyrical short stories about his sensual adventures around the world, while heartthrob Bradley Lords writes a thrilling account of a forbidden sexual affair with his boss's wife.

Penned by highly experienced men who make their living by pleasing women, the vividly erotic autobiographical stories are written specifically with female readers in mind.

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