Maximize Anal Pleasure with Nexus Simul8 Range

LONDON—Pleasure product manufacturer Nexus has launched Simul8, a range of anal, cock and ball toys designed to deliver maximum satisfaction during solo or partner play.

Both toys in the range have four points of pleasure which, when combined, create explosive sensations.

Simul8 Prostate Edition has modeled its shaft on the famous Revo prostate massager and will fit comfortably to stimulate the prostate whilst Simul8 Plug edition has a butt plug shaped shaft, based on the Nexus Ace butt plug.

“We wanted to create an anal toy that could also stimulate the penis and testicles adding another facet to anal play,” said Monique Carty, director at Nexus. “By using the existing Nexus shapes we are guaranteeing a satisfying anal experience and by adding the double cock ring we are giving the wearer extra support and stimulation for masturbation or anal sex with a partner.”

Each has two motors, one in the shaft for anal/prostate stimulation and one in the base to deliver simultaneous stimulation to the perineum. At the front of the toy are two rings, one of which fits comfortably around the penis to keep the wearer bigger and harder, and one which fits around the testicles to keep them going longer. There are six vibration options for both motors which can be controlled independently, giving the user a massive 48 combinations of pleasure to choose from. When these four features are experienced together a truly heightened experience occurs. 

Simul8 is made from quality silicone, is rechargeable and waterproof/submersible.

Simul8 was named because Simul in Latin means ‘together’ and 8 represents the shape of the cock and ball ring.  Simul8 is available now.

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