New Womanizer Study Shows Masturbation Alleviates Period Pain

NEW YORK—Adult products manufacturer ​Womanizer has released the results of a new study that reveals that masturbation can help reduce pain and other effects from menstruation.

The study on “menstrubation,” or masturbation with menstruation, was meant to determine whether masturbation has a positive impact on menstruating women. The study was begun in May 2020 in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and head researcher, who has reviewed and validated the results.

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The six-month study consisted of 486 participants selected out of nearly 20,000 people who menstruate who responded to the study. They were asked to forego their pain pills and other methods of pain control and to masturbate instead. They recorded their symptoms every month using a survey questionnaire and on the fifth month, they went back to their pain medicine and by the final survey on the sixth month, the results showed the benefits of masturbation to relieve pain.

The study’s findings showed that orgasms help reduce cramps and other forms of pain because they cause the body to releases endorphins, or hormones that induce euphoria and relaxation.

The study showed that 90 percent of respondents would recommend masturbation to combat period pains while 70 percent of respondents felt that regular masturbation had an impact on the intensity of period pains. Another 62 percent said that regular masturbation had reduced the intensity somewhat. About 31 percent said that they experienced reduced pain by a lot.

Of the 70 percent who felt a benefit to masturbating while menstruating, 93 percent said that masturbation had reduced the pain intensity at least somewhat, while 7 percent did not specify further.

While masturbation had an almost immediate effect on the intensity of period pains, the results showed that there was a continuous decrease in the ensuing months of the study. Even after the participants returned to their pain remedies in October, the pain relief associated with masturbation was still noticeable.

“We know that masturbation can have positive effects on health and general well-being which is why I have always been a big advocate for masturbation as part of a healthy self-care routine,” said Dr. Jones. “It is remarkable how quickly the participants felt an improvement in their symptoms. After only one month of conscious masturbation the values already dropped significantly."

He continued: “In addition, my assumption that masturbation also has a long-term, positive effect on well-being was confirmed. Even after the participants returned to their usual methods of pain relief, the values for intensity and frequency remained lower than at the beginning. It is likely that both parameters would have improved even further with an even longer test phase.”

Masturbation also showed a marked improvement on reducing the frequency of pain:

• 42 percent reported regular masturbation had an impact on the frequency of period pain
• 64 percent reported regular masturbation has reduced the frequency somewhat
• 22 percent reported regular masturbation has reduced the frequency by a lot

Study participants were from 19 different countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan.

Womanizer ordered the study to help destigmatize and better understand masturbation and the role it can play during menstruation. The company said it sees the study as an important step in bringing information to women and continuing the conversation on the positive impact of masturbation on women’s health.