New Autoblow Machine Syncs With Videos

SEATTLEAutoblow, the first adult toy that used AI to replicate human sexual actions and the first sex toy company to demonstrate sex toy brain control, has released a machine with a new advanced functionality: video sync.
The Autoblow AI Ultra works with a web app that hosts a free video library of hundreds of synced adult movies. Users can click play on a video and the machine moves exactly in sync with the video’s actions, tricking the brain and body into feeling that the penis in the movie belongs to the Autoblow’s user.
Inspired by the rubber hand experiment and related videos demonstrating it, Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan believed it was possible to induce a similar effect on an Autoblow user’s penis while he watched porn, if a machine accurately synced its stroking actions with those occurring to the actor’s penis. Sloan’s newest invention, the Autoblow AI Ultra, achieves the illusion of transfer of body ownership through manual syncing of movies along with automatic adjustments to internet latency to ensure the stroking actions to the user occur at exactly the same time as the stroking actions to the men on screen.
This video demonstrates how the Autoblow AI Ultra’s video sync works.
Autoblow AI Ultra inventor Sloan said, “The technology for adult video sync has been around in some form since 2005, but until now it has required some degree of technical expertise by sex toy users to enjoy it. Our web app and related technology finally makes it easy for all men to access video sync, and we believe that once men understand how simple it is to sync with videos and how pleasurable and realistic the body transfership illusion is, particularly in VR, the sex toy market for men will quickly shift in favor of devices that offer visual and physical ways to induce this illusion.
"I expect that over the coming years, the realism level of experiences offered by machines will increase to the point of needing to redefine what cheating means within relationships. We are already considering ways to include other sensory elements that will make our virtual sensory experiences feel even more real, including automatic lubrication and human scent.”
For more information, contact Sloan via email at [email protected].