New Amberly Rothfield Book Is #1 Among Amazon Small Biz Preorders

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Sex educator and author Amberly Rothfield is now taking pre-orders for her new book 90 Days and Paid, and already, it's become the #1-rated new release in the Small Business category on Amazon due to early consumer interest.

Known in the adult industry as a teacher and mentor, Rothfield’s new release is designed as a workbook that's meant to be completed by the buyer over a 90-day period. It focuses on developing lasting skills and a solid schedule rather than dealing with specific tips and tricks, and features quotes from models across the industry. The book will be released on July 31, 2020, and can be preordered on Amazon for $0.99. It is currently only available for Kindle, though physical and audiobook versions are planned.

“I’m honestly having a hard time believing it. I never expected that this book would be so popular or become a #1 anything, especially not before it has even been officially released. This is truly a testament to models' desire to really put in the work,” Rothfield said.

Rothfield also offers one-on-one consultations with models who are interested in growing their brand. For more information and rates, click here.

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