New Aluminum Line from Tantus Continues Green Philosophy

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - The newest line of affordable luxury toys from Tantus continues the company's commitment to "go green".

Alumina products - Flow, Motion, Pace, and Revolve - are made from 100 percent aeronautic-grade aluminum and are anatomically designed for a perfect fit with the user's pleasure zones.

"We wanted something that was different and unique, but that fit in with our philosophy of going green whenever we can," Tantus spokesperson Michelle Burr told AVN Novelty Business.

The decision to use aluminum for the new line was relatively simple: 8 percent of earth's makeup is aluminum, meaning it is the most abundant metal available.

"And it's completely recyclable," Burr noted. "Technically, you could recycle these products with your pop cans. But you probably won't, since Tantus products are designed to last a lifetime."

The Motion, Flow, and Revolve items are purple, and the Pace is black. The pigment is anodized onto the aluminum, meaning it will not chip or fade. Adding to the uniqueness of the line is the fact that each product is created as two functional sections. Collect each product in the line, and then mix and match for the perfect sensual experience.

The Motion, Flow, and Revolve retail for $89.99, while the Pace retails for $69.99. The entire line is shipping now.

For more information, visit, or call (619) 426-6400.