Mystim Debuts Revolutionary E-Stim Masturbator Opus E

ALZENAU, Germany—Mystim GmbH announced the debut of Opus E, a revolutionary masturbator that combines a realistic feel with intense electro-stimulation.

“I am very excited about the release of our Opus E masturbator,” said Lulu Shwartzer, Mystim’s sales manager. “There is nothing else like it on the market. Having a full sized stroker which supplies complete e-stim conductivity within the entire unit is a first and I believe this is what Mystim fans have been waiting for. With its sleek stylish looks and combined with our Cluster Buster wireless, digital power unit it will be an easy sale for retailers.”

MyStim is an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality electro-sex toys and is known for its innovative products.

“Our Opus E looks back on a development period of several years,” said Jessica Hofmann, managing director of Mystim, who also is responsible for the product development of the German manufacturer. “We didn't want to be satisfied with compromises regarding the material composition of the sleeve, but also the handling of the electrostimulation, so we developed and rejected several concepts. Now we are 100 percent satisfied and very proud to present our three new toys to our customers.”

The Opus E is available in three versions: A life-like vagina, anal, and a neutral version (donut-shaped). All three models are hidden in a stylish deep matte black case with crystalline texture, which makes the new Mystim toys not only high-quality, but also particularly striking and masculine.

“For the case itself, the dimensions and ergonomics were particularly important to us in addition to the design itself. After all, we don't want our opus to be clunky and literally fit well in the hand,” Hofmann said.

The extra realistic and soft material of the three sleeves consciously created without artificial softeners or PAHs, hides deep within—depending on the different model—exciting textures that stimulate the user during use. While the donut and anal models have sophisticated bump and groove textures, the vaginal model has another extra feature. Inside of this model there are more than just one material with different degrees of hardness, textures and shapes. In addition, the shape itself mimics the female vaginal canal, so that a deceptively real feeling is created overall.

“Like our cook cages, the Pubic Enemies, the Opus E can also be used without electro-stimulation,” said Christoph Hofmann, CEO and founder of Mystim GmbH. “For an even more intense experience, you can take on e-stim at any time.

The electrical impulses are transmitted to the penis via lateral conductive strips. In the design, additional care was taken to ensure that the electro-stimulation becomes more intense the deeper the user inserts his penis.

“In this way, the intensity of the impulses can also be influenced during use, without having to make an adjustment on the power box,” Christoph added.

The Opus E is suitable for all power boxes, which can be connected and used with the included adapters.

“But the Opus E experience only becomes perfect with our Cluster Buster and the Sultry Sub Black Edition. Because then the Opus is not only much more stimulating than any other masturbator on the market, but also wireless and remote controllable,” Christoph said.

The Sultry Sub is simply clicked directly into the bottom of the masturbator and … finished.

Cleaning is also uncomplicated and simple.

“We thought long and hard about how we could guarantee the transmission of the impulses, but at the same time manage without wiring,” Jessica said. “This would have meant that the sleeve could not have been removed and washed for cleaning. Therefore, we are all the more proud of our solution.”

The guide surfaces are fixed simply and precisely by means of magnet technology. For cleaning, simply use water and a mild soap, as well as a disinfectant suitable for sex toys at regular intervals. To ensure that Opus E always feels perfectly soft and velvety, it should be sprinkled with Mystim's “Virgin Wonder” care powder after cleaning and drying.

To support the sale of the Opus E, Mystim has created materials for interested retailers. In addition to shelftakers, postcards, posters and roll-ups, there is also a sales display including a 7-inch video screen on which an explanation video of the product runs.

“We have product texts, pictures and videos ready for interested online dealers,” Jessica said.

Mystim GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality erotic toys located in the district of Aschaffenburg. With two sub-brands and a worldwide distribution network, Mystim is one of the leading suppliers. Core competence is the production of erotic toys with stimulation current function. Underlining the company's innovative ability, the products and product lines have received more than 20 awards from the erotic industry to date. Mystim sees the future in bringing together technology and intelligent erotic products that offer their users a new stimulation and satisfaction experience. The Alzenau-based company is working on the further development and usability of new plastics and materials as well as on the integration of wireless transmission and control.

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