Motorbunny Releases Two New Travel Bags

LAS VEGAS—Motorbunny has unveiled two new travel bags, the Motorbunny Backpack and Motorbunny Cruiser Bag, providing more flexible travel solutions for both the Motorbunny Original and Motorbunny BUCK.
"We have listened very carefully to our customers' requests for more dynamic travel solutions," Motorbunny CMO Craig Mewborne said. "After much demand and careful development, we are very proud to release two premium travel bags. They are not just about storage; they are about enabling our customers to hop on to new experiences with ease and convenience."
The prices and specifications are as follows:

• Colors: Mr. Gray, Tactical Insertion Camo
• Designed for maximum mobility
• Store six to 10 attachments in a wipeable sanitary pocket
• Storage for rods, springs/toggles, lube
• Every zipper has a TSA-approved lock
• Five lockable pockets
• Fits in overhead
• Tactical velcro for customization and discreteness

• Available Colors: Mr. Gray, Tactical Insertion Camo, Neon Pink, Blue Teal
• Designed for maximum storage
• Every zipper has a TSA-approved Lock
• Storage for rods, springs/toggles lube
• Three accessory pockets
• Store eight to 12 attachments in included storage bin
• Expandable with extra stackable storage bins (sold separately)
• Removable wheels for duffel style carry

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