Men’s Health Asks Men on the Street About Women’s Sex Toys

NEW YORK—Men’s Health Digital New Editor Jordyn Taylor recently took to the streets of New York City to find out what men know about women’s sex toys, and the resulting video is worth a view and a few chuckles.

Random men, most of whom appear to be in their 20s, were handed the Womanizer 2Go from epi24, the Mimic from Clandestine Devices and he Lovelace Smile from OhMiBod and questioned about where they think the products could be used on a woman’s body.

“Is it like a vagina cup?” one man asked while holding the Mimic. Another man, who seemed a bit uncomfortable, just kept repeating, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” almost like a yoga mantra.

“I love, just like, the look of horror when I say ‘sex toys,’” Jordyn says to the camera at one point.

When it came time to turn on the devices, the men’s nerves seemed even more rattled.

“That sound kind of like an otter to you?” one man asked.

The complete clip can be viewed on Facebook.