Man Admits to Stealing Blow-Up Dolls

BURKE, Wis. - Jose A. Sandoval, 26, has admitted to police that he broke into sex shop Naughty Novelties Nov. 10 and stole several blow-up dolls and other miscellaneous items, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Calling it a "drunken, stupid thing," Sandoval confessed that he was the man seen in surveillance video from the shop getting out of a General Motors car with a missing hubcap and taped-up front passenger window, smashing through the front door of the shop, grabbing items including the blow-up dolls, thong underwear and lotion, and driving off.

A sheriff's detective spotted Sandoval's car 10 days later parked behind the Truckers Inn, not far from Naughty Novelties. When he was pulled over shortly thereafter, Sandoval at first denied committing the burglary, but then broke down in tears and led the officers to an abandoned semi-trailer behind the Truckers Inn and a marshy area next to the hotel's parking lot, where the stolen items were stashed.

Among the items recovered was a Linn Thomas talking love doll, priced at $269.99. Sandoval was charged in Dane County Circuit Court with burglary, though according to Naughty Novelties co-owner Roger Hellenbrand, no money in the store was touched.