LovRub Reaching the Heights of Pleasure

A New Yorker through and through, Teri Amato is quite familiar with the fast-paced, win-at-all-cost ways that is life in the big city. So two years ago when she set out to produce an adult topical product that was not only safe, but all-natural and effective for either him or her, she wasn’t about to take ‘no’ for an answer.

“In the spring of 2007 we took an interest in producing adult topical products that were different than other brands found at the time,” said Amato, who is the CEO and president of HealthRockers, Inc. “We were founded on the idea that quality products and fanatical customer care are the most important aspects of what we do. Many competing companies that were producing adult products were using a chemical called methyl salicylate to produce a warming effect. The chemical, according to numerous scientific studies, can cause extremely dangerous side effects with regular usage.”

After a short brainstorming session with HealthRocker, Inc. scientists a solution was formulated.

The results: LovRub for him and LovRub for her.

LovRub is manufactured and packaged by HealthRocker, Inc. in the United States in an FDA certified pharmaceutical and consumer products manufacturing facility.

“LuvRub is a completely natural product that is highly effective,” said Amato. “And does not contain any dangerous chemicals, nor does it cause any side effects.”

In January of 2008, LovRub for him was introduced at the AVN show in Las Vegas tagged with the slogan “More than a lube, it’s love in a tube.”

“While we were there we gathered feedback from men who had tried the product,” said Amato. “They indicated a tremendous increase in sensitivity and a heightened sexual experience that they said they could never have imagined possible.”

Essentially an identical formula to LovRub for him, LovRub for her is just slightly lighter.

“Because the female anatomy is a bit more delicate,” said Amato. “Of course both products can be used in conjunction with each other. Women are very excited about it because they finally have a product dedicated to their own personal needs. Our female users said LovRub heightens genital arousal and increases sexual pleasure.”

Furthermore, all LovRub products are safe for ingestion, condom safe and application is simple.

“It’s an erotic massage lotion that is a wonderful way to initiate foreplay,” said Amato. “It’s not too sticky, it goes on smoothly and its clean vanilla fragrance is very pleasurable.”

LovRub for him is aimed at taking advantage of enhancing stimulation regularly through the use of targeted topical delivery. The physiology of the male erectile tissue provides numerous points of interaction in which stimulation may be used to overcome a decline in erectile responsiveness.

LovRub harnesses the power of nitric oxide, the newest and most effective means of increasing sexual pleasure and satisfaction in both normal males and females and in those whose libidos are compromised.

Sexual stimulation causes local release of nitric oxide resulting in smooth muscle relaxation and inflow of blood to the corpus cavernosum, dilating the blood vessels of penile erectile tissue. This is a natural, non-drug using method of creating nitric oxide effect in human body and LovRub does just that.

The feminine arousal gel is topically applied. The application of LovRub with Aloe Vera is a part of foreplay that contributes to female sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The all-natural herbs and extracts in the product naturally stimulate the body’s own sensory nerve conduction, heightening sexual sensation and pleasure.

LovRub is applied to the clitoris, underneath the clitoral hood, labia and vaginal opening for five minutes prior to intercourse.

Throughout foreplay, users continue to gradually apply the gel by gently massaging it onto the clitoris. The effects generally begin in about four to five minutes, producing a feeling of genital warming that will build to a pleasurable level and plateau within 10 minutes.

According to their Web site, LovRub increases the incidence of orgasm in women because nitric oxide allows clitoral and vaginal tissue to enlarge during sexual stimulation and become responsive. Nitric oxide’s effect can easily be increased in women by topically applying LovRub.

“The effects generally last 30 to 45 minutes with a single application,” said Amato. “And when you’re done, you simply wash it off.”

Amato’s introduction to adult products arose from a background that involved producing natural supplements. She formed and presided over Nature’s Factory Products for 12 years, manufacturing and distributing many neutraceutical products.

“We employ people who hold PhDs in food science and they oversee our production,” said Amato. “That guarantees all of our products are natural, pure and safe.”

Recently added LipLov is Health Rockers newest pleasure sensation and puts a delectable twist on a most pleasurable sensation.

“We call it the luscious power of LipLov,” said Amato. “It looks like an ordinary stick of lip balm and goes on like one, but the erotic feeling it delivers is nothing short of extraordinary. You just apply to the lips and do what comes naturally.”

And while the nation’s current economic roller coaster has even taken the adult industry for a wild ride, according to Amato, LovRub products are still moving rapidly. The company continues to conduct a supportive marketing campaign that includes syndicated and national cable television, radio, print ads and Internet advertising.

“In these times of recession, the entertainment that our product provides is exciting, effective, inexpensive and recession proof,” said Amato. “All of the products have been moving briskly in stores, catalogs and on our Web site. Our customers already own all the equipment, they just add a little LovRub and they’re entertained for the whole evening.”

For more information, visit LovRub.com.