Lora DiCarlo and Entrenue Forge U.S. Distribution Deal

BEND, Ore./PHOENIX, Az.—Lora DiCarlo and Entrenue have announced a U.S. distribution agreement for the Lora DiCarlo line of biomimetic pleasure products, including CES Innovation Award winner Osé as well as the recently debuted Onda and Baci.

“We are so excited to work with Entrenue—their commitment to supporting and working with female-run companies to grow their brands the smart way is inspiring,” said Lora Haddock DiCarlo, founder and CEO of Lora DiCarlo. “Staying committed to our mission of moving pleasure, sexual wellness and technology forward requires partnerships with folks who are ready to change the game, and we feel that Entrenue is just that.”

“It’s an honor to be selected as the exclusive US Distributor for Lora DiCarlo,” said Joe Casella, Entrenue owner and CEO. “We are beyond thrilled and have been so anxious for the launch. As we love representing female-founded organizations, we are very happy to work with their key team of industry professionals to work closely with our retail clients and team. It’s been exciting to follow all of the positive press Ose has been receiving since CES 2019—and we are excited to represent Lora DiCarlo!”

Designed to mimic the best parts of human touch, Lora DiCarlo’s products employ micro-robotics and biomimicry to stimulate the erogenous zones. Osé is Lora DiCarlo’s patent-pending microrobotic hands-free pleasure device designed to mimic the best kinds of human touch. Created in partnership with Oregon State University's College of Engineering, there are approximately 250 parts in Osé, which is higher than the number of bones in the adult human skeleton, demonstrating the complexity of design and innovation of the product. With a flexible body and custom controls, Osé empowers people, for either solo or partner exploration, to experience greater pleasure and wellness by simultaneously stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris to create a blended orgasm. Pre-sales for Osé began in late November 2019 and generated $3 million in 2019, with more than $1 million in pre-sales within just five hours of launch and $1.5m in the first 36 hours of launch.

Baci and Onda, which debuted in January at CES 2020, are set to launch shortly after Osé. Baci is an intuitive microrobotic pleasure device that simulates the feel and motion of the human lips and tongue, creating gradual clitoral pleasure that helps lead to an orgasm. Onda is the first handheld, microrobotic pleasure device to replicate the natural “come hither” motion of human fingers to deliver a G-spot orgasm.

Osé will be available through Entrenue in March 2020, with Baci and Onda following in April. Contact Kim Maty at Entrenue ([email protected]) for more info on product availability and pricing.

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