Local Warming: Toys Designed to Heat Up the Bedroom

This Sexplorations column by Anka Radakovich appeared in the July issue of AVN magazine. To see the digital edition, click here. Pictured above, the Blaze (XR Brands) and the Touch (Warm Inc.)

The bedroom heats up this summer with products that warm up to create a heightened sexual experience. The merchandise ranges from heated vibes to warming lube dispensers, and they work by causing blood flow to the “merchandise in your pants.”

Emmeline Peaches, a sex toy reviewer who has done some road testing on heated sex toys, told us, “I’ve used a few heated vibes in my time as a reviewer and I’ve never been disappointed by them. The warming sensation they create resonates throughout the entire area as they come into contact, which creates a comforting but also highly sensual experience. Suddenly all your focus goes to that point of warmth and as such, any vibrations or motions that you feel gets amplified tenfold.”

Good times. These things should be marketed to guys who are too lazy to do foreplay and want their sex partner to be ready to go before they even get in there.

“They’re also great for people suffering with cramps or chronic pain, as the heat acts to soothe the area,” she says.

“Because of this I see heated toys as almost healing in how they facilitate sexual pleasure. They definitely bring something wholly unique to the bedroom.” Add some cannabis lube to enhance the sexual healing!

The Sexy Warm-Up

Here’s a great solution to cold sex toys, including glass dildos, metal vibes and those oh-so-cold nipple clamps.

Warm is a heated clutch, like a heating pad for your sex toys. According to its inventors, a couple who got the idea in bed when one of them heated up a sex toy, it provides a “penetratingly delicious sensory experience.”

Janine, who came from the luxury spa industry, says that the warming pad “can provide a whole other level of amazing” and can be used with sex toys that people already own. Old sex toys can become “new and exciting again,” she says. And the device looks discreet and can sit anywhere in the house, without anyone having to hide it in the closet before the cable guy or babysitter comes over.

The warmer also works for men’s toys, like the Fleshlight, or other “do it yourself” toys. And who likes a cold butt plug? Anyone? This thing turns that freezing butt plug into a hot beef injection.

“We have found that the sex toys start to feel amazing after about 10 minutes,” says Janine—and they only need another five or ten minutes to fully warm up. Users have told Janine that they get hot just knowing their toys are getting warm. “Turning on the clutch sends a powerful message,” she says, “that hot, sexy fun is coming.”

Get in on the hot fun at ExperienceWarm.com. It retails for $149.

Touching the Hot Spots

Touch is an automated dispenser for warmed lubes and oils. It’s like a personal “lube station” that sits on your nightstand. Compatible with all liquid lubricants (water, anal, hybrid, silicone), Touch warms liquids within two minutes and then dispenses directly into the palm of your hand. It features three different dispensed amounts, and users can also easily insert a sex toy for men into the opening to automatically fill up with warm liquid. Buy someone this and he’ll never want to leave the house.

“Touch was an offshoot of the company’s namesake product, Warm,” says Janine, and both were created largely due to the fact that heat facilitates intimacy. “Using heat allows muscles to relax and expand for penetration and prolonged stimulation. It triggers our evolutionary brains into feeling comfort and security, thus allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share an intimate moment like an orgasm. Heat awakens your body’s most intimate pleasure receptors, sending them into overdrive, making them highly sensitive to touch and therefore creating this euphoric, sensational explosion.”

“Warm, Inc. launched Touch at the beginning of 2018 with successful pre-sales through its website that shipped in time for Valentine’s Day,” she says. “Since then, it’s been picked up by fine adult stores throughout the USA/Canadian markets and is available through popular distributors, Entrenue and Nalpac.” It retails for $119 at ExperienceWarm.com.

Good Vibes, Hot Sex

XR Brands has cooked up a line of heated vibes called Some Like It Hot. The line of luxury silicone massagers are designed with a self-warming function. Their collection of warming vibrators “explore a relatively uncharted element of ecstasy,” they say. We like to think of it as Some Like a Little More Foreplay.

The Heat line was created because “There’s nothing quite like sensation play and temperature is an essential feature that’s missing from the luxury market,” according to XR Brands Director of Sales and Marketing Rebecca Weinberg. “Heat gives consumers a little “extra with their high-end purchase and it’s remarkable what a difference adding some warmth to a sex toy can make.”

The four-piece collection includes Fever, a wand vibrator that heats to 95 degrees (35 degrees Celsius); Flushed, a ribbed rabbit vibe that heats up to 107.7 degrees (42 degrees Celsius); Spark, a smooth rabbit-style vibe for hot, “smoove” sex; and Blaze, a G-spot vibe. They all heat up in five minutes. The Blaze 9x (AF154) self-heating vibrator is the line’s best seller, according to Robert Fuller, marketing and sales administrator, and retails for $94.99.

For more, visit XRBrands.com.

Anka Radakovich is a sex columnist who wrote a groundbreaking column for Details magazine. Currently she writes for British GQ and Sexpert.com. She is the author of three books, including her newest, The Wild Girls Club, Part 2. She is also a certified sexologist. Follow Anka Radakovich on Twitter: @ankarad.