Lelo Offering Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Collection Boxes

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Fifteen years.

While in the grand scheme of the history of sex and sexuality, in the more recent history of sex toys, 15 years is a major milestone.

From the beginning, Lelo’s desire was simple: improve even for a little bit the lives of people coming into contact with the brand. Its mission was to revolutionize the toy industry, and for over a decade now, Lelo has grown from strength to strength on the back of its heritage of quality, luxury, and pleasure. Today it is a living, breathing anthology for some of the most passionate toys in the world.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, this passion will be boxed in for a short time. Lelo’s limited edition 15th Anniversary Collection is a treasure trove that will be available beginning June 20. This unique line contains 12 elegant pleasure objects that will have your imagination running wild.

 This luxury limited edition Anniversary Collection epitomizes all that Lelo has brought to the pleasure industry in a nutshell—a new level of luxury to products of this kind, sparking curiosity and/or desire with customers.

But these are not just pretty additions to your bedroom. Lelo’s design extends from the beautiful exterior to the smart engineering inside, making the limited edition Anniversary Collection its crowning achievement: an exclusive celebration of everything the brand stands for, its history, and a pledge for the future full of boundary-breaking innovation.

Every adventure begins with the opening of a door … or a suitcase. Cradling all the items you need to delve into the most inner thought and desires, it will be the only box you’ll want to spend time with. Rosy as the cheeks after the rush of the blood to them, or black as the night enshrouding the light, these products are ready to lead you into the most daring descent.

A slight move of Cannes Feather teaser on the thigh or a slap with the Hertz telescopic crop that tickles your fancy, or putting on the Kie Eye Mask and proceeding into the darkness, will release from all the life’s shackles. Well, almost all shackles. Where you go from there, is entirely up to you. Dare you follow?

Start your slow descent into the world of pleasure.

A single wicked thought can ignite your soul with desire to explore that which binds, teases and more. All it takes is a first single step.


Cannes Feather Teaser – Tickle me Softly

Combining luxurious down feathers with a polished ball handle, this teaser offers a stylish invitation to your many soft, sensual, and seductive trysts ahead. Tease and titillate your way to total ecstasy with the most decadent touch you’ve ever felt.


Hertz Telescopic Crop – Yes, Master

Take full control while delivering a sensual spank with this erotic telescopic crop. Offering durability and flexibility, you can tease your partner with an electrifying soft or firm touch. Open up a world of new pleasures and experience heightened intimate play that’s even wilder than your imagination.


Elena Shackles – Stimulate your Senses

Indulge in your deepest fantasies of surrender and control with these elegant shackles. Enhancing your senses during intimate play, the powerful combination of desire and restraint have you begging for more.


Kie Eye Mask – Love is Blind

Enhance the sense of touch with this seductive eye mask that brings mystery and pleasure straight to your most intimate moments. Get turned on by this stylish adjustable blindfold that offers heightened senses and unlimited potential for passionate nights in.


Volone Massager – Submission Impossible

This elegantly kinky vibrator is an intense way to bring power and pleasure straight to your love life. With a variation of eight toe-curling sensations to choose from, this climactic blend of power and intensity will have you completely twisted in knots.


Jarlsgatan Flogger – Talk Flirty to Me

Opening a gateway of new and enhanced pleasures, this elegant flogger features soft and supple suede tassels that are perfect for delivering some light punishment. Surrender your control and immerse yourself in a world of new sensations and possibilities.


Sense Dual Massager – Pleasure You Can’t Control

Push your pleasure to the limit with this dual-action massager that feels just as good as it looks. With powerful vibrations across eight different settings, you can experience an exquisite blended orgasm from the internal and fully-flexible external stimulator. Assuring wave after wave of pleasure, this powerful massager will leave you completely speechless.


Rio Spanker – I Dare You

Experience fifty shades of foreplay in sensuous luxury with this erotic spanker. Giving you a more daring approach to intimacy, the stylish leather wand is perfect for applying a soft or firm touch. Unleash a world of role-play possibilities with a simple-flick of the wrist.


Fontanoso Graduating Beads – Put Your Pleasure to the Test

Giving you the richest sexual sensations you’ve ever experienced, the Fontanoso Graduating Beads offer a blend of pleasure and stimulation unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Targeting each of your erogenous zones with the touch of smooth, flexible silicone, ease your way into an intense, yet euphoric world of play.


The Ax Multi-Massager – A Sexual Masterpiece

Experience total domination with this electrifying multi-massager that vibrates internally and externally at the same time, teasing and pleasuring from different angles for a whole new dimension of lovemaking. Designed to enhance sensations for couples or by yourself, the powerful Ax will leave you breathless and begging for more.


Stureplan Plug – Pleasure You Can Get Behind

Perfect for personal indulgence and shared pleasure, this unmistakably luxurious plug will have your body quivering with sheer delight. Featuring a smooth and flexible design, the erotic thrill of a backdoor greeting will take you on an exhilarating ride.


Dot Ben Wa Balls – A Total Control Freak

Offering the most refined route to increased sexual sensitivity, these luxurious weighted balls add a touch of class to your intimacy. Strengthen your pleasure and enjoy longer, stronger orgasms with this flexible and safe design that exudes confidence and power.


For more information or to view the full specifications, go to Lelo.com/anniversary-line.

For sales enquiries, contact [email protected].