Liberator Launching Satellite Radio Campaign

ATLANTA - Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has launched a satellite radio ad campaign to promote its brand.

Liberator manufactures and sells furniture and accessories designed to facilitate "creative" sex. The company's specially curved ramps, wedges, and mattress shapes promise to enhance your love life by inspiring new angles and positions.

"Satellite radio is the perfect medium to reach existing customers and potential new customers this Valentine's Day," said Louis Friedman, director and CEO of Liberator. "Since our inception, Liberator has been a pioneer in adult industry advertising primarily through mainstream magazines such as Men's Health, Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan, and we feel that our expansion into radio will further our mass exposure."

Liberator's satellite radio campaign will include spots on Sirius/XM Radio's Howard Stern 100 and Howard 101, Raw Dog Comedy, Playboy Radio, Opie & Anthony, and Blue Collar Comedy.

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