LELO Announces Hula Beads, Showcases Ida, Tara At 10-Year Anniversary Summit

MONTEREY, Calif.—Just weeks after releasing a teaser video online about its newest couples massagers, LELO officials announced the next product, Hula Beads.

Hula Beads, which will be available in mid-October, were showcased today to select distributors, retailer, customers and media as part of LELO’s 10-Year Anniversary Summit. They were announced after company representatives showed the audience the newest couples massagers form the Swedish design brand: The Ida and the Tara.

LELO sales executives Eliane M. Said and Pat Manginelli talked about the features of all of the products, including the Ida, which celebrates the company’s history.

“The Ida was the name of the first product released by LELO 10 years ago,” Manginelli said.

The new Ida is a couples massager that is worn by the woman during lovemaking and that combines vibration and rotation for internal stimulation of the woman and vibrational stimulation for the man. The Ida’s powerful motor is housed in the disc area that provides a wide surface area to stimulate both partners. The stem portion is inserted for G-spot stimulation for the woman.

“You can be 100 percent assured this is the next big thing in pleasure,” Said said.

The Ida comes with a remote control that can operate from up to 180 feet away, and the piece uses LELO’s SenseMotion technology so patterns of vibration can be created via simple movements of the remote.

The Ida, which ships starting Sept. 18, is waterproof and rechargeable.

The Tara has a design that is similar to the Ida, but is has no remote control and has six functions of rotation and 6 functions of vibration. It too is waterproof and rechargeable.

Manginelli noted that the couples massagers will both be available well in time of the Christmas buying season, which works since “one-third of all LELO products purchased are given as gifts.”

Both massagers will comes with a wide range of in-store promotional items, and will be packaged with a love positions book so couples can see how to use the massagers.

Said and Manginelli also showed off a prototype of the Hula Beads, which Said said combines vibration, rotation and Kegel exercisers. There are two motors in the Hula Beads, which are connected in a silicone casing that has a looped handle for retrieval. The motor in the lower portion controls the vibration, while the motor in the upper portion powers the rotation.

Additionally, the Hula Beads have LELO’s SenseTouch technology, which means every time a woman squeezes her PC muscles while the Hula Beads are inserted, she will be “rewarded” with pleasurable vibrations.

The new products are just one of the many announcements being made by LELO during the 10-Year Anniversary Summit. The LELO 10-Year Anniversary Summit continues through Friday in Monterey, Calif., as the design company celebrates its past, present and future with colleagues and esteemed representatives of the pleasure product industry.

For more information, visit LELO.com.