LELO Alleges We-Vibe 3 Infringes on U.S. Patent

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Swedish manufacturer LELO has named the We-Vibe 3 from Canada’s Standard Innovation Corp. in federal lawsuit alleging patent infringement.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal Court in the Northern District of California, claims the We-Vibe 3 violates LELO’s intellectual property rights (Case No. CV-13-01393-PSG).

LELO owns the rights, title and interest in U.S. Patent No. 7,749,178 (the ’178 patent), titled the “Inductively Chargeable Massager,” which protects LELO’s technology for inductively chargeable massagers., the suit claims.

LELO is seeking a court order to stop further infringement and sales of We-Vibe 3 products and for unspecified damages due to sales of infringing We-Vibe products.

LELO will hold Standard Innovation Corporation and all involved infringers accountable for past, present and future damages.

LELO is considering naming as defendants in the case any infringing third parties involved in the sale, offer for sale, or importation of infringing We-Vibe products in the United States.

LELO will also protect its intellectual property rights worldwide and will consider filing suits against any parties involved in infringing its intellectual property anywhere in the world where it holds or will hold rights.

LELO is represented by Fenwick & West LLP, a leading national law firm representing technology-based clients—including leaders in the internet, computer hardware and software, digital media and entertainment, semiconductor, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Distributors and retailers worldwide seeking more extensive advice on how to proceed at this time are advised to contact [email protected].