Kimberly Kane Contributes Photography to T-Shirt Line

LOS ANGELES—Multiple AVN Award-winning adult performer/director Kimberly Kane adds apparel to her list of creative outlets with an original photo of hers picked up by T-shirt manufacturer Blood Is the New Black for use in its collection.

The photo depicts adult model Devi Lynne nude and wrapped in chains, and it will be used on a variety of styles of both men's and women's shirts. Kane joins a number of photographers, illustrators, painters and other artists whose work has been featured on BITNB clothing. Citing Richard Kern, Helmut Newton and Araki Nobuyoshi as influences, Kane has been gaining attention of late for her photography, and will have it exhibited for the first time in the upcoming group show ALT to the ALT at Show Cave in Eagle Rock, CA. Curated by Rae Threat, the show will also feature work by Eon McKai, Courtney Trouble, Bob Coulter, Carlos Batts and Christopher Norris.

Said BITNB owner Mitra Khayyam of collaborating with Kane, "Pushing boundaries has always been a part of the fashion industry, whether it's raising and lowering hemlines, contorting silhouettes or the graphics we choose to put on our T-shirts. Working with Kimberly has been like working with any of the other artists in our fold; she is a true professional."

Kane told AVN she originally contacted Khayyam after discovering BITNB online and being highly impressed with the line, and the working relationship developed from there.

"I'm really excited that she took a chance on working with someone in porn, because porn is, to me, my art medium, and it's where I'm most comfrotable creating," Kane said. "I just feel like her seeing that, seeing that porn can be art, made this a match made in heaven. I'll forever give her my work to put on shirts, as many as she wants. She's worked with all these great artists, and now she's working with me. It's cool. She's recognizing porn as an art form."

Kane has two more designs already slated to be released by BITNB in 2011.

"I'm gonna be doing a photo of this staircase in New York City that leads up to a peep show, and every stair says, 'Peep Show This Way,' 'Girls Girls Girls,' leading up this stairwell," she revealed. "And then I took a photo of this neon rose behind a chain link, and we're gonna do that."   

Kimberly Kane's Blood Is the New Black tees retail for $44 - $50, and will be available in stores May 15, or can be purchased now at:

Inset photo of Kimberly Kane by Alejandra Guerrero, courtesy of