Kelly Holland Addresses Rumor That She & Penthouse Are Quits

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Rumors have been flying over the past couple of days that in the wake of the recent sale of Penthouse Global Media and all of its assets to Czech Republic-based WGCZ Holding, former Penthouse owner and CEO Kelly Holland would be leaving her position with the company. AVN spoke with Holland, and she asked that the following response to such rumors be posted to AVN's website.

"One of the very unfortunate and ugly aspects that has developed inside this industry in the last few years is the rise of troll-y message boards. I don't read them nor do I post to them nor do I know anybody in my world that does," she stated. "I have no idea where the rumor came from, and while we do have new ownership, WGCZ, who are the owners of the largest free porn tube sites in the world, but other than the fact that that is a new development over the last two months, I have no idea where the rumors are coming from, so I would chalk it up to Donald Trump's sense of reality; I chalk it up to that."

Penthouse Global Media was sold to WGCZ Holding in a bankruptcy auction on June 4, and the company and Holland are still in the process of dealing with the ramifications of that auction purchase.