Joanna Angel Recaps Indiana U. Lecture

NEW YORK – Joanna Angel is fresh back from her speaking engagement at a Human Sexuality class at Indiana University.

"It was really awesome," Angerl told AVN. "It was a big lecture class. There were 100 students and a lot of them brought friends."

Angel covered a lot of topics during her appearance, but kept things lively. According to the starlet, "We talked about how I started the company [] and what it's grown into. It was human sexuality class, so a lot of those attending were concerned about a lack of protection in porn, so I demystified those and explained how people get tested and this and that. I also went into some of the feminist aspects of how I feel and what it's like to be a woman running a company."

In addition to providing sex toys to every student in attendance, Angel also showed a video. She explained, "I showed them a 10-minute edited version of my latest movie, Not Just Another Porn Movie. They really liked it. The teacher said that after watching videos and hearing lectures about gender roles and birth control, the students were happy to see something entertaining. I got a lot of positive feedback."


According to Angel, a group of anti-porn professors and educators who saw an earlier story about Angel's lecture wrote to the university in protest.

Angel posted the letter to her blog ( In part, it reads, "Ms. Angel is using the opportunity to legitimize the industry, as well as to market her sex toys. What the story does not mention is that Ms Angel is known in the industry for a particularly violent brand of pornography that glorifies and normalizes a whole range of physical and sexual abuses against women." 

Angel noted, "The president of the university didn't really care."