Je Joue Draws Sexperts, Retailers Together for Campaign

The beginning of the year is traditionally a slow news time, so it was no wonder when in January mainstream news organizations such as CNN, FOX News, the BBC and numerous print publications picked up a story about a study done by King’s College London.

The study involved researchers scrutinizing 1,800 women, all twins (some identical, some fraternal), in an effort to find out if one twin reported having a G-spot made it more likely that her sister would report the same. No such pattern emerged, however, and researchers essentially claimed the G-spot does not exist.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Other medical institutions from across the world were unified in their agreement that the British research findings were flawed,” said Dan Gasper of Je Joue, the pleasure product company that created the G-Ki (pronounced “gee key”), the world’s first adjustable G-spot toy.

The revolutionary G-Ki has a “head” that can be adjusted through the push of a button to three different angles, while the “neck” can be adjusted to eight different angles using a second button.

Covered in 100 percent body-safe silicone, the G-Ki is powered by a single motor that feels like two. Its simple-to-use controls allow the user to choose from five levels of vibration and another five pulse patterns.

Gasper noted, “We launched the G-Ki on almost exactly the same day the media picked up these flawed research findings. As a British-based company working with many of the best educators to develop our toys and selling in the best sex-positive retailers, we saw a unique opportunity to create a united response from the industry.”

Their response—“The G-Spot Does Exist” campaign—was launched in May and will run through August. It is the first time a pleasure product brand has run a nationwide campaign. Firsthand experience with retailers in North America provided the insight Gasper and Je Joue’s North American sales and marketing manager, Alicia Relles, would need to meet the challenge.

“As we only work directly with retailers in North America, we have been able to really understand what retailers need and want in terms of support from manufacturers. Point of sale is useful, but staff training and exciting campaigns which allow retailers and their staff to demonstrate creative skills are what gets store teams really fired up,” noted Relles.

Open to all retailers, the campaign kicked off on May 21 with an online discussion hosted by Je Joue between five of the most respected educators in the industry: Tristan Taormino, Regina Lynn, Jamye Waxman, Megan Andelloux and Deborah Sundahl. The experts will tackle a different G-spot–related question daily, with the responses posted online at

Je Joue’s team of experts are prominent both within the sex-positive novelty industry and the mainstream. Relles believes their involvement has been “vital to giving the campaign real weight and depth, as each educator offers a different opinion based on their varied professional experience and background.”

Furthermore, she notes, “The content of this discussion is not only a unique way of responding to the media but will also be an invaluable and concise source of information for store staff and customers keen to discover their G-spot.”

Major industry retailers such as Good Vibrations, Babeland, Pleasure Chest and Fascinations are already involved in the campaign. Using Je Joue’s innovative and scalable “promotional toolkit” campaign POS kit, these companies’ marketing and retail staff were tasked with creating visually striking displays inside their stores.

Stores wanting to join the campaign can also receive Je Joue’s “promotional toolkit” to create their own eye-catching in-store displays and bring the campaign to life in their community.

The kit includes fliers with information from the educators, as well as glossy stickers for store customers to take home.

“We envisage the sticker campaign having a life of its own, hoping that people will have fun with the placement of these, raising awareness and attention in their communities,” details Relles.

Large hanging ad boards and glossy window, surface and floor media elements all use lines proudly stating that “The G-Spot Does Exist” as well as more cheeky lines, such as “I have one, it’s amazing” and “Have you found yours?”

“We hope to intrigue consumers to find out more about the campaign by going in-store or visiting to see which store local to them is taking part,” said Relles.

The best creative retailer displays could win cash prizes as well as the opportunity to be featured in AVN’s July and August issues.

For more information, or to participate in the campaign and contests, contact [email protected]

This article originally ran in the June 2010 issue of AVN.