Nexus Revamps Revo Range, Adds Extreme Massager

UNITED KINGDOM—Nexus has updated its entire Revo range of rotating prostate massagers and added another model designed for size queens. With the improvements and the new addition, Nexus aims to keep the Revo range at the forefront of the anal toy product category.

Nexus Extreme, which boasts an extra large shaft, was created to address customer demand. As with the rest of the range, the Extreme offers dual prostate and perineum stimulation with the rotating shaft that delivers a strong and thorough massage to the prostate.

All five Revo models are now fully waterproof and submersible, including the remote controls. This is a major improvement because consumers can use Revo in the bath and shower and enjoy worry-free cleanup.

The two-speed rotating shaft on all models will now rotate both ways and each model will have six vibration patterns for simultaneous perineum stimulation.  Each can now be operated independently, delivering 34 combinations of pleasure.

Each existing model has the same shaft dimensions as before, but the plastic base has been replaced with silicone—which not only makes it waterproof but also more aesthetically pleasing. The magnetic charger has now been replaced with something smaller and can be used to charge the toy and the remote control.

“We believe this is the best range of prostate massagers collectively on the market,” says Monique Carty, director of Nexus. “Each model has retained its original pull; we have simply improved each on every level from function to appearance. The arrival of Extreme really completes the range and means we now offer something for every man.”

Updated packaging lets consumers know each product is a “new and improved” model. And the best part of the update? All pricing will remain the same.

For Revo Extreme pricing, email [email protected].