Introducing the Blowguard

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.-After two years of research and development, J2 Enterprises, LLC, owned and operated by a Florida dentist and a businessman from Orlando, has introduced its first adult novelty device: the Blowguard. The toy was created to enhance the pleasure of oral sex between consenting adults.


The Blowguard is like a night guard that fits over the lower teeth to prevent the teeth from nicking a male partner's sensitive skin when receiving oral pleasure. The attached bullet adds a kick for him. The patent-pending, flexible tray is one-size-fits-all, phthalate-free, made of medical-grade silicone, and comes with 6cc of flavored Sex Tarts lube.


According to company press materials, the genesis of this device is as follows:


"It was invented when a patient came into the dentist's office and needed a set of dentures (fake teeth) made. The dentist fabricated a beautiful set of dentures and sent her home very satisfied. The patient called the doctor the very next day in tears. He asked her what was wrong. She replied, 'My dentures moved when I gave my boyfriend a blowjob.' The doctor told her to take out her teeth and to use her gums. She said, 'My boyfriend doesn't know that I don't have teeth.' So the dentist made her a soft TMJ night guard to fit over her dentures. She wore it, and the Blowguard was born."


Responses to the Blowguard have been positive. The product was displayed at SwingFest 2008 in Hollywood, Fla., where a woman reportedly stepped into an elevator with a man, exclaiming that she had no one to use her Blowguard with. Apparently, the man dropped his pants, and they "rode the elevator up and down three times."


For additional information, please visit or contact Dr. Joe at [email protected]. J2 Enterprises can be reached at P.O. Box 480032, Delray Beach, FL 33448.