Interactive Berlin Sex Academy Museum Opens

BERLIN — Last week, the "Amora sex academy" opened in Berlin, but despite the name, it's really more of a museum than a school.

As Reuters reported, the building's slogan immediately approaches sex with a wink, stating, "Finally—an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything."

The academy features more than 50 interactive displays as it guides visitors through private parts and more, female and male. Also, there are tips, tricks and suggestions, on subjects ranging from oral sex to striptease to the perfect orgasm. (Really now, can that be defined the same way by two different people?)

It's definitely all touch-and-go.

For example, reach out to one of the life-size, plastic, naked female mannequins, finger the actual G-spot, and it lights up and cries out, "That's it!"

Another winning exhibit—especially for the S&M set—has to be the "Spank-o-meter," which measures the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when lashed with a leather whip.

The museum also offers film clips of assorted sexual positions, including acrobatic ones such as the "Italian chandelier," said to burn as many as 920 calories per hour, the display claims.

The sex academy is hosted by Germany sex store chain Beate Uhse.

"A lot of couples come in here [to the academy] together to learn something," manager Uta Barkow told Reuters. "It's been very well received so far. A lot of exhibits have that 'aha' effect on a lot of people."

Barkow said the museum is seeing as many female visitors as male.

"Women coming in tend to have fewer inhibitions, while the men tend to be a bit more embarrassed," Barkow said.

The sex academy in Berlin was founded by Frenchman Johan Rizki.

Another sex academy in London closed last year, said to be a disaster and shuttered reportedly owing creditors thousands of pounds, according to Richard Longhurst of adult novelty retailer Love Honey.  A Barcelona musuem is set to open its doors later this year.