Industry Vet Kim Airs Profiled on AOL Jobs

LOS ANGELES—Kim Airs, an industry veteran who is currently working as the buyer and sex educator for Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, is profiled today on AOL’s Jobs section.

The article, titled “Kim Airs: From Harvard University to Sex Toy Entrepreneur,” covers her personal voyage from a married college freshman to a woman who used her first vibrator at the age of 30, from an administrative assistant at Harvard University to owner of her own sex toy store, then employee of a major manufacturer to her current position.

“These days, Airs feels that she has the best of all worlds, writing reviews, speaking about sex toys, consulting for sex toy companies and advising doctors on how to treat conditions like vaginismus (a tensing of the vagina that makes penetration painful) and erectile dysfunction,” the article reads.

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