Hustler Pranks Right-Wing Preacher John Hagee - UPDATED

BEVERLY HILLS—In its "Holiday 2012" issue, hitting newsstands on Tuesday, November 27, Hustler magazine will publish photos of hardcore porn icon Nina Hartley meeting with notorious right-wing Texas pastor John Hagee. The article, titled "John Hagee Meets the Great Whore of Babylon (Starring Nina Hartley)" and penned by the XXX star herself, is the first-ever documented encounter between the porn-hating preacher and such a scandalous "sinner."

John Hagee—titan of Texas megachurch Cornerstone, president and CEO of John Hagee Ministries and CEO of Global Evangelism Television—is a major player of the religious right and its government-lobbying machine.

The encounter took place during an event in Beverly Hills on Sunday, August 26, 2012.

"It was nervewracking, you know, because this is the kind of guerilla journalism that I'm usually not a part of," Hartley told AVN. "I'm much too good of a girl to just go there and infiltrate, but I got the call from Hustler's 'Mission Command' asking me to attend this evangelical rally for support of Israel, where all these well-dressed people were talking about how the Second Coming cannot occur until all the Jews are back in Israel, which is why all the evangelicals, for their own theological reasons, are very pro-Israel, pro-Jew.

"Anyway, after about a half-hour or so of getting over my discomfort at the thought of being in a room full of such people, people who disagree with me on just about everything that I find important, I joined 'Mission Control,' who bought the tickets and gave me a copy of one of Hagee's books, and along with Gia Jordan, we went in," she continued. "Once we got inside, I asked one of the security people if Rev. Hagee was here to autograph his books? He goes, 'I don't know if that's being arranged, because, you know, there are a lot of crazies around here,' and said that he was mainly here to give a talk, but I started walking around with the book clutched in my arms.

"When I finally did meet him, he could not have been more friendly, more magisterial, more in his element—he was supremely confident, and with that confidence came a friendly demeanor and a ready smile; after all, he'd just spent a half-hour in the VIP room getting petted there by his acolytes and all the conservative Jews, but no Hassidim. And so he signed the book, and then I spent a few minutes mingling and talking with all those conservatives, went home and wrote my article."

Hustler is America’s leading men’s entertainment magazine.  Based in Beverly Hills, California, it has been publishing monthly since July 1974.

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Pictured: Rev. Hagee with Nina Hartley; photo by Gia Jordan.