Hot Octopuss’ New Website Includes All Genders, Ages, Abilities

NEW YORK—Hot Octopuss has launched a new website that aims to increase inclusivity in the sex toy industry by hosting truly accessible content for all.

The new site, offering Pleasure For Every Body, includes a non-binary button that gives site users the option to remove all gendered terminology.

“When we launched our company back in 2013, our mission was to fill a gap in the market for penis toys and to reduce the stigma around male masturbation,” said Adam Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Hot Octopuss. “However, as we became more aware of our older customers and those with disabilities and health conditions, we realized that there was near-silence in the industry and media around sex in relation to these audiences. We were also contacted by some trans and non-binary reviewers who said our gendered approach to marketing products excluded them. As a result, we reviewed both our mission and our approach to production and marketing.

“While the nature of Google search means that we still need to include gendered terms on our website at present, we hope that the introduction of a non-binary version of the site will allow customers of all genders to feel welcome and spoken to. We are also expanding our blog content to feature voices that are less often heard talking about sex and pleasure, including disabled and older writers,” Lewis continued. “We hope eventually to remove gendered packaging from our products, and our aim is to consult with customers on how future products can work for them whatever their gender, medical status, age or ability.”

Created in collaboration with global PR firm Manifest, the site’s new features include:

• An ‘Accessible Sex’ section catering for those with disabilities, health issues or sexual concerns such as erectile dysfunction and painful penetration

• A ‘Senior Sex’ section offering toys for an older market

• The first-of-its-kind non-binary button allowing visitors to remove all gendered terms (e.g. ‘men’s toys’ and ‘women’s toys’) across the site

• A trans and non-binary section, created in collaboration with trans-led, U.K.-based sexual health service cliniQ (, that discusses ways Hot Octopuss products may work for trans and non-binary people during and after transition

“We’re aware that there is a lot of work to be done in the sex toy industry on increasing inclusivity. Our new site is a work in progress, and we invite feedback from all of our customers on ways it can be improved – we know we are just at the beginning in terms of becoming a truly inclusive brand. We also hope the site launch will encourage conversations within the industry on inclusivity and encourage other companies to look at their marketing language,” said Julia Margo, co-founder and COO of Hot Octopuss.

Serge Nicholson, sex and relationship therapist and consultant from cliniQ, said, “When I was first approached by the Hot Octopuss team for trans and gender diversity consultancy, I was intrigued to look at their website and products, and explore  the use of gender diverse language, the needs of diverse bodies, the demand for increased representation of trans and non-binary people, and the huge potential for reaching out to a trans and non-binary community interested in sex toy sexual pleasure.

“Hot Octopuss is genuinely interested in our experience as valued gender diverse customers,” Nicholson continued. “The button for a binary or a non-binary text is truly inspired. This is just the start of a conversation with the trans and non-binary community and I look forward to seeing what evolves from here.”

The new site is also fully compatible with WCAG 2.1, the international accessibility standard for websites.

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