Horoscope Pleasure Gift Boxes Debut From Bijoux Indiscrets

BARCELONA—Bijoux Indiscrets has released Horoscope, their latest luxury pleasure product collection.

“Sexual wellness is directly related with your general well-being, your mood, and level of happiness. Horoscope unites two worlds: spirituality and wellness,” said Bijoux Indiscrets co-founder and designer Elsa Viegas. “Due to our modern lifestyle and centuries of repression, female sexuality was hidden, forbidden, and many times shamed. We don’t pay enough attention to how we feel, what we like, and how our pleasure works. Horoscope is a three-step pleasure ritual that combines lithotherapy, aromatherapy, and vibrations in one set.”

Inspired by the buzzing trend of spiritual sexuality, Horoscope is a line of 12 uniquely curated gift boxes, each corresponding to one of the twelve Zodiac star signs. Each box contains a gray silicone finger vibrator with ten vibration settings; a heating clitoral balm in one of four arousing scents—Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—suited to each sign's element; and one of 12 gemstone necklaces representing each Zodiac sign's astral birthstone.

Scents like Star Anise and Vetiver in each kit's clitoral balms are daintily arranged alongside gemstone necklaces in Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, and ten other circular stones hung on slender gold chains.

From Aquarius to Capricorn, each Horoscope pleasure kit arrives in a discreet, artistically-designed triangular box, and is adorned with gold accents and a front cover textured in night sky constellations.

Known for their passionate take on self-expressive trends like BDSM-inspired festival wear and lingerie-esque chain jewelry, the company chose an Astrology theme to empower female consumers seeking enlightenment and a more delicate side of sexual exploration.

Horoscope made a splash with distributors and retailers at last week's 2018 eroFame trade show.

“We really believe in this product. It is beautiful, it is trendy, it is spiritual and full of pleasure, but what we got from our recent shows was beyond expectations,” said Viegas. “It was a huge success! Everyone was excited and looking for their sign. The concept is very clear and the three-step pleasure ritual is irresistible!”

According to WGSN, a leading agency on worldwide consumer trends, Viegas's latest release is right on target to reach the pleasure industry's largest incoming market.

“In the current climate of political uncertainty and economic anxiety, a spiritually-focused counter-culture is beginning to emerge,” reads a statement from WGSN.com. “Today’s Millennials are asking themselves existential questions about faith and purpose, and are looking for answers in some interesting places.”

The Horoscope Collection arrives just as 20- and 30-something holiday shoppers are searching for something classy, unique, and mindfully sensual to gift their girl friends or partners, or themselves in an act of self-love.

The company is now taking orders from retailers and distributors to prep for the fast-approaching Christmas and consequent Valentine's Day rush.

“Horoscope is an opportunity to connect with a younger and growing audience,” said Viegas. Horoscope is more than a product. We offer online and offline retailers an amazing selection of eye-catching in-store displays, as well as online tools.”

During the busiest time of year in pleasure retail, Horoscope reminds sensual seekers and business buyers alike to take a moment to stop and smell the Sandalwood (clitoral balm, that is).

“We need to dedicate time to ourselves, to our pleasure. Horoscope is an excellent excuse to stop and have some quality time alone enjoying and discovering our pleasure,” said Viegas. “We need to know our bodies and what gives us pleasure, what makes us feel good in order to have better sex. Knowledge is a very powerful tool and there is nothing more empowering than claiming our pleasure.”

For more information on Horoscope, visit BijouxIndiscrets.com or contact [email protected].