HodderMedia.com Goes Live

LOS ANGELES—Hodder Media, the brainchild of Anne Hodder, has officially launched its website, HodderMedia.com.

Hodder Media is a copywriting, editing, pubic relations and marketing strategy firm, offering a variety of targeted services for the adult industry. According to the website, Anne Hodder founded Hodder Media to combine her writing and editing skills with her professional journalism background in Web 2.0 marketing and consumer product education.

Hodder is probably best known to most in the adult industry as Anne Winter, a writer, editor and more for the past several years.

“It's honestly the most basic story,” Hodder told AVN about her start in the industry. “I was working as fashion editor at a now-defunct online magazine and saw a posting for copy editor at Adnet Media (parent company to XBIZ), which was described as ‘a trade publication for the adult industry.’ In addition to journalism and sociology, at college I studied human sexuality and gender and I always knew I'd end up doing something with my life focusing on that fascinating topic. At the time I was convinced I'd move to Indiana and finagle a research job at the Kinsey Institute.”

During her term with Adnet, Hodder took the name of Anne Winter—“a play on Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. I figured if I wasn’t going to make it to the top of the fashion world, I might as well go the same route in adult!” Hodder worked her way from copy editor to reporter to marketing and development manager and then associate editor. The entire time, she also worked to build up the publication’s sex toy/novelty department.

Her success at Adnet, which she said has already translated into success for Hodder Media, was based not only on her writing and editing skills, but her ability to forge real relationships with companies and individuals in all segments of the industry.

“Talk is cheap, as we all know, and I made a name for myself for following through on what was discussed and doing it with authentic passion and unique perspective,” she said. “People enjoy my company as much as they value my work and that helped me (and now my company, Hodder Media) establish a stellar reputation. It's already helped Hodder Media grow exponentially—word of mouth and lasting, trusting relationships is what this company was built with, and it will continue to evolve that way.”

It’s also her unique perspective that will allow Hodder Media to thrive, she noted.

“I'm unique in this field because I started in this business as the person I'm now accommodating—I was a journalist for three years before starting at XBIZ, and am professionally trained and educated in the field. I know what questions to ask, what details to include (and what to leave out) and exactly what editors need to get their jobs done.

“I write press releases so that, in case of a deadline emergency on the magazines' end, they can be cut and pasted and used immediately online and in print. I help make their jobs easier and they love me for it. Plus, I know how to angle the announcement to ensure there's real news, and no fluff, because fluff doesn't get anyone anywhere.”

For more information, or to contact Hodder Media for PR, marketing, editing, copywriting and other services, visit HodderMedia.com.