Heeldo Creators Think Fast on Their Feet

DETROITEven though they weren’t aware of Rule 34, Joe Wilson and Drew Conner did the right thing when it came down to it.

Almost 10 years ago, the two musicians were on tour together in Californiawhen they happened to catch an episode of HBO’s Real Sex on TV. The episode feature a Russian man who built sex machines, and after laughing at the girls falling off the machines, Conner mentioned that he knew several girls who could multi-task, and thought a similar machine or device might work for them.

“I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if they could be sitting there eating cereal, pleasuring themselves with their foot.’”

After another round of laughter, Wilson and Conner thought, yeah, wouldn’t it be funny if they could. After some research, the pair found no such device available, so following Rule 34—if it exists, there is adult material for it; and if there is no material for it, it must now be created—they got down to brass tacks.

“We did some serious research, including patent searches, and found nothing out there like it,”Wilsonsaid. “I told Drew, ‘I think we’ve found an open market here.’”

After tossing the idea around for a few years, and then working in development for several more, the pair have now released the Heeldo, a harness that strap a dildo to the wearer’s foot for self-stimulation, or enjoyment with a partner.

Now things are really taking off for the guys and the product: They were featured in a Playboy Radio interview earlier this month, they have a partnership with CNV Inc. for distribution and performer Voodoo has expressed his love for the Heeldo through Twitter and a promotional video he shot. Even Belladonna is considering using the Heeldo in one of her foot fetish movies.

The Heeldo is a neoprene harness that comes in several sizes (small and medium for women, and large and extra large for men) and has three O-rings (two stainless steel, one rubber) to attach practically any type of dildo to the foot. The unit works in two positions, the rear heel position and the bottom heel position, so the dildo can be used for self-pleasuring or couple’s play. The unit is also capable of holding an anal plug, provided it is O-ring compatible.

Though they admit the product was originally designed for women, the Heeldo has turned out to be a big hit among men, both gay and straight.

“We are really seeing a lot of guys buy for themselves or their partners,” Conner said. “It kind of caught us off guard.”

Currently, Heeldo and the dildos are sold separately, butWilsonsaid there are plans to offer Heeldo kits in the future (the harness with a compatible dildo) and other products in the works.

For more information, visit Heeldo.com.