The Handy Smart Stroker and FeelMe AI Announce New Integration

OSLO—The parent company behind The Handy smart stroker announced a new partnership with FeelMe AI in an effort to "redefine the way we experience intimacy."
According to a rep, "This partnership, driven by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to enhancing human connections, has resulted in a remarkable fusion of our state-of-the-art pleasure device, The Handy, and Feel Me AI's immersive content platform."

Feel Me AI, a subsidiary of FeelRobotics, has long been a player in developing what they refer to as intimate entertainment platforms. The mission of the company is to create an immersive experience that connects users across long distances. All of this is done to foster intimate connections.

Feel Me AI is an artificial intelligence that leverages haptic technology and machine learning to understand human sexual desires. Integrating with The Handy, according to the companies, "was a natural progression, driven by shared values and a desire to push the boundaries of technology-enhanced intimacy. The result? An integration that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds."

Users can now enjoy a wide range of immersive video content that is perfectly synchronized with the Handy’s movements. This synchronization allows users to not only see and hear the action but to feel it in real time. 

The FeelMe AI platform is a Chrome browser extension that reads the screen of various adult sites to automatically encode the shown content to react with The Handy.

If the website happens to be whitelisted, users will be able to connect their Handy to FeelMe AI and watch any video of their choosing. From steamy romance scenes to more adventurous encounters, the possibilities are endless, making each session unique and tailored to individual tastes. 

Both companies invite users to try the integration with The Handy and FeelMe AI by signing up for a free trial on the FeelMe website.