‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Gets Geeky Sex Toys Treatment

WOODY POINT, Australia—Geeky Sex Toys is back in the news, making international headlines for the company’s new movie-/space-themed sex toys. 

And while one might think the new toys are modeled after Star Wars (it IS May the Fourth, after all), it’s actually Guardians of the Galaxy that got the nod, just in time for the sequel movie that debuts today.

Geeky Sex Toys got notice earlier this year when the Australian company—which specializes in unique pleasure products for fans of sci-fi, fantasy and more—released the Unicorn Horn Dildo collection.

With names like Star-Load, Cumora and Stimula, the toys are made of high-quality materials, including silicone and stainless steel, and retail between $50 and $99.

Known collectively as Orgasms of the Galaxy, the line features strokers, dildos, anal plugs and vibrators.

See the entire range at GeekySexToys.com.