Glamour Highlights 15 ‘Cute’ Sex Toys

LOS ANGELES—Some of the pleasure products industry’s leading manufacturers are featured in Glamour, all chosen because of their cuteness factors.

In “15 Extremely Cute Sex Toys That will Make You Say ‘Aww,’” Glamour notes there are tons of options out there for consumers intimidated by large, phallic-shaped pleasure products. 

“When searching for the perfect vibrator, you want two things: something that makes you feel comfortable and something that packs a punch,” author Gigi Engle writes. “The ones here are so cute you won’t even know they’re vibrators—that is, until you turn them on.”

The article features the Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager from Calexotics, which will make you say “Aww!” and then “Ohhhhh,” according to the magazine. 

“Calexotics believes in enhancing the pleasure in our daily lives, and we make it our mission to bring fun, and innovative products to our customers,” said Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of Calexotics. “Mini Marvels is a great example of a toy that is not only adorable but also very enjoyable.”

Also included in the list is the Mimic, which first product from Jules Jordan’s Clandestine Devices. 

“It’s such an innocuous sex toy that you can leave it out on your nightstand without worry—no one will know what the hell it is,” the article reads.

And the list would not be complete without the I Rub My Duckie from Big Tease Toys. “This vibrator is the most incognito of them all,” the article says. “For someone who wants a vibe that could not look less like a sex toy, this is it.”

Other manufacturers making the cut are Jimmyjane for the Form 2; Dame Products for their newest vibe, the Fin; and Tenga’s Midori vibe from it’s Iroha collection for women.

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