Getting Some Sexual Schooling from Lover's Choice

For Lover’s Choice founder Randy Hughes, it all started with a sex game.

No, it wasn’t one of the age-old classics like ‘Spin the Bottle’ or strip poker, this game is simply and appropriately titled ‘The Sex Game’.

Unique and risqué, the game is played on a board not in a bed, although the bedroom is where the game ultimately ends.

Geared toward couples willing to take a chance on rolling “SOLO in the GARAGE” or “ORAL on the STAIRS”, this founding father of foreplay games quickly put Lover’s Choice on the fast track toward success.

“The company started in 1999 with the development of that one board game,” said Hughes, the president and CEO of the company who came from a design manufacturing business in both the gift industry and food products industry. “The company quickly developed an array of novelties to capitalize on the emerging couples and female friendly category. In our 10 years in business we evolved into being the global leader in intimacy lifestyle products with the focus being on soft, romantic, tasteful packaging.”

Over the last decade, some of the company’s top sellers have included ‘A Bed of Roses’, ‘52 Weeks of Naughty Nights’ and ‘The Amazing Hot Heart Massager’. Currently its successes are diversified amongst its various brands with Ophoria Fine Bedroom Toys now acting as a vital component of the business with its top sellers including K Balls, Beyond, the Bliss Collection.

Recently, the 101 Collection, three volumes of sexual learning books combined with novelties, was chosen as the Lover's Choice Feature Product for March.

Oral Sex 101, Sex Positions 101, and Vibes 101 each feature easy-to-follow sex tips, techniques, diagrams, games, and sex secrets; are wrapped in elegant packaging; and come with a free gift suited to each book’s theme.

Oral Sex 101 teaches the finer nuances of giving great oral sex, from the basics to advanced techniques and comes packaged with free flavored gels to spice things up.

Sex Positions 101 takes lovers on a journey through a variety of sex positions designed to increase bonding and expand sexual horizons and comes packaged with a free bonus pillow used with several of the positions.

Vibes 101 is a course in the pleasure of vibrators and can be self-taught or mutually enjoyed. It comes with a free mini-vibrator.

“The great thing about the 101 Collection is that it’s ready for play,” said Hughes. “You don't have to purchase any additional products to enjoy it. You don’t have to first read the publications and then grab your partner. Each volume is designed so you can learn and play together, in bed and in real-time.”

The 101 Collection is the latest innovative product offering from the Team Love Brain Trust - a scientific approach to market research that identifies purchase trend upswings in the adult industry. 

“We know, for example, that oral sex publications and flavored gel sales are on the rise,” said Hughes. “So we’ve developed a product that satisfies both trends with one purchase for incredible value - most books alone cost twice as much.”

In the tradition of all Lover’s Choice products, the 101 Collection brings an educational component that helps couples bond and pleasure one another, and provides sensual novelties to enhance the overall experience.

With a Suggested Retail Prices of $15 to $20, the 101 Collection carries an attractive price point for retailers and consumers alike. 

“We do business with them because of their consistency in terms of look, quality and concept,” said Lisa Mazurek of “That makes it easy to merchandise and sell. When the core of a company has a good soul, I feel really motivated to help that grow and support it... I want more of that in my world.”

A diversified company that services many different market segments, Lover’s Choice is sold in over 30 countries globally, with over 20 000 brick and mortar retailers carrying the companies various brands or products under private label.

“Their products are sensational, they keep very deep stock levels and their prices are pitched to sell through fast,” said Dominic Hawes of “For web sites they are easy to store, easy to mail out and, critically, they got the size-to-price ratio right. We keep working with them because we bought into the LC vision five years ago and because we genuinely believe that we’ve only just begun with their products. We feel like we’re all part of the same company.”

And despite the country floundering in trying economic times, Hughes remains confident that Lover’s Choice will continue to build on its successes.

“The company just completed a great year that featured 20 percent growth,” said Hughes. “ And we’re focused on adding a few great products to each brand. We’re completely optimistic about the upcoming year and the current economy has only made us much stronger. We’ve always been a company that takes challenges and turns them into opportunities. It allows us to focus on our strengths and in the end it has helped us leap frog our competitors.”

One of the strategies Hughes has employed to combat the current recession is putting a premium on growth and diversification.

“Just like a great portfolio, you need to broaden your base to have a solid foundation,” said Hughes. “We avoid the media hype and strictly focus on proactive action steps that will help our company thrive and those that we work with. And I believe consumers buying patterns have become more discerning, which has helped us as we offer great value in our products.”

To stay at the front of the pack in a highly competitive industry Hughes focuses on product development process using the Cross Analysis Trend tool to continually educate the company on consumer Markey developments.

“We really just focus on what we’re doing and where we’re going,” said Hughes. “We started our business with the unique tool CAT scan (Cross Analysis Trend) and continue to use this process to this day. This complicated process has been our biggest internal success and secret, as it allows us to spot trends and develop products that have a much higher success ratio.”

Based on sales and marketing initiatives currently underway, Hughes says the sky as the limit regarding the company’s growth in the adult market.

“Our professional commitment to trading partners and consumers has been key to our growth and we plan to keep delivering this on every level. It’s exciting times and we’re ready for whatever comes our way.”

For more information about the Lover's Choice 101 Collection, contact your Lover’s Choice distributor or visit