German Firefighters Get Training on Cutting Off Metal C-Rings

DRESDEN, Germany—Learning how to handle equipment, learning basic emergency medicine, learning how to drive firetrucks … being a firefighter is no easy job, and requires plenty of ongoing training. But some firefighters in Germany are getting very specialized training: How to safely cut off metal cock rings.

According to The Daily Mail, about 600 firefighters attended the recent training seminar, titled “Maschinenunfaelle,” which roughly translates to “Mechanical Failures.” The seminar also included training on how to remove objects from an anus.

Eric Forberg, who was the instructor for the seminar, told The Daily Mail said the instances addressed in the seminar were inspired by real-life incidents firefighters have responded to, including a man who had an apple stuck in his anus, and a weightlifter whose penis was stuck in the central hole of a five-pound weight.

When it comes to removing metal penis rings, seminar attendees witnessed a demonstration that featured a firefighters with a dildo placed on top of him. The fake penis was surrounded by a heat-shield blanket and bandages, before a spatula was placed between the penis and the cock ring. As an added safety measure, a heat-resistant paste was applied to the fake penis before the metal ring was cut off using a heavy-duty metal grinder.

And as it turns out, German firefighters are not the only ones dealing with stuck cock rings. reported that in Malaysia in 2017, 80 percent of distress calls received by the Kuala Lumpur City Fire and Rescue Department were to to help men whose private parts were stuck in rings.