Freddy And Eddy To Shutter Brick-and-Mortar

LOS ANGELES - The Freddy and Eddy store, located on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, will close so owners Ian and Alicia Denchasy can focus on their online presence and other efforts.

The Denchasys, aka Freddy and Eddy, plan to close the store on April 30.

"This is something I have been wanting to do for a year now," Ian Denchasy told AVN Novelty Business.

But while store closings have become status quo during the current economic depression, Denchasy said it will actually be a great opportunity for the husband-and-wife team. Among their plans are to focus more on the site, the Love LA show, and the SHEE trade group.

"We still love the job, and we love the work," Denchasy said. "We did the online store for four years before [the brick-and-mortar store opened], and we are still one of the biggest couple's sensual websites today."

In a sense, he said, Freddy and Eddy are going back to their roots. But it won't be all play and no work. The couple is also planning to take an RV trip this year, meeting with Freddy And Eddy fans along the way, and posting a weekly broadcast during their travels.

"It's something we have always wanted to do, but couldn't because we didn't have the time or the energy," he said.

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