Former UFC Fighter Sues Philly Sex Shop, Kama Sutra

PHILADELPHIA—Former Ultimate Fighting Championship and current World Series of Fighting lightweight Waylon Lowe has filed a lawsuit against a Philadelphia adult retailer and Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Kama Sutra Company, claiming a prolonging gel led to “catastrophic and permanent damage” to his penis.

According to, the 32-year-old Lowe is asking for more than $50,000 in damages in the lawsuit filed May 14 in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. He claims he suffered penile scarring, loss of sensation and function; nerve and tissue damage; humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish; lost wages and earning capacity; and loss of life's pleasures.

"This is a very private, but very significant loss for a man who is very vital in so many other aspects," said Lowe's attorney, Thomas R. Kline, told "This is a man who literally makes his living avoiding injury; he knows how to protect himself. Yet he wasn't provided with the most basic, simple instructions to protect himself from this product. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone."

Lowe claims in the suit he had used the product before without incident, but on Sept. 1 he applied the pleasure balm and then put on a condom to make love with his fiancée. They were interrupted when the fiancée went to tend to their 3-year-old daughter when she awoke, he “began to experience excruciating pain and pressure in his penis. He removed the condom and his penis swelled significantly,” the suit states.

Marla Lee, president of the Kama Sutra Co., told the suit’s claims are “flabbergasting.”

"This product has been offered for over 40 years without incident of any kind, so it's a bit confusing that he would have this kind of response to it," Lee told the new site. "The active ingredient [benzocaine] is quite common. It's used in children's teething products, so it's probably pretty safe if it's used for children."

A representative from the adult store, The Mood Shop, said the product was pulled from shelves after they were served with the lawsuit.