For Your Nymphomation Offers 'Big Foot' Sex Toy Case

NEW YORK - For Your Nymphomation has released its newest sex toy case, the Big Foot.

Referred to as "the clown car of sex toy cases," the Big Foot easily holds 12-15 toys as well as lotions and/or massage oils.

"Men love it for storing their Fleshlight with a few other toys and lubes," said Vera Worthington, founder of and chief designer for FYN.

Worthington said the design for the Big Foot was inspired by the Fleshlight, since there were no cases large enough to store the toy.

The Big Foot boasts washable nylon linings and elastic bands to store lubes and lotions upright. Two interior pockets can also store condoms, cock rings and other small items.

"The top handle makes it very convenient to carry, and its discreet exterior doesn't shout out to others as to what it really contains," Worthington said.

But The Big Foot isn't just for men, she noted. Women can use the case not only to store toys, but also as a travel case for shoes, make-up, bath and body products and more.

Like all cases produced by FYN, the Big Foot comes with a lock and two keys. The case is available in red, black and purple.

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