Finest Sex Dolls Making ANE Debut

LAS VEGAS—Finest Sex Dolls is among the many companies making their debut this week at the AVN Novelty Expo, which runs Jan. 18-20.

Finest Sex Dolls is a company which boasts a clear mission to never compromise on the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Why realistic sex dolls, and not just sex toys?’” said Jag, owner of the company. “And my answer is that other markets and sites are full of countless sex toys, but not the truly lifelike realistic sex toys that I personally wanted for my own use. It was obvious there was a lack of access based on how much I observed other people demanding these products as well ... but were unable to purchase them. So rather than focusing on pre-existing sex toys, I took the leap to focus on only the highest quality premium solid silicone sex dolls.

“One of my friends owned a mannequin factory and I presented him my idea. The rest, as they say, is history,” he added. “We love each of our dolls like real women, and respect them just like we would a real breathing person. This results in a product beyond comparison, and paired with fantastic customer service means you will be satisfied for years to come. Our customer base includes men, women, and couples of all kinds, whether single or married. We like not to call our dolls as sex dolls, but rather ‘companions.’ We have a local showroom open to the general public and we are USA-based company.”

The company’s first product was a sex doll called Cutie, and now they sell sex dolls with different heights ranging from 2.2 feet tall to 5.6 feet tall. Each of these bodies have different dimensions, from smaller bust to bigger bust and bigger hips.

“We cater to all men’s needs,” Jag said. “All of our clients are happy, satisfied clients. Our clients can choose between different beautiful heads (aka faces) to attach to the their desired body type of their fantasy doll.”

During the AVN Novelty Expo, Finest Sex Dolls will showcase their own body types and heads/faces for which they have the exclusive rights to sell worldwide.

“We are looking forward to interacting with many people who may be looking to buy one of products,” Jag said. “We will also be looking to meet other businesses who would like to promote our products and vice versa.”

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