Fetish Gear Manufacturer Sues Retailer for Infringement

PRICE, Utah - A manufacturer of male chastity belts is suing an Ontario-based online retailer for allegedly selling counterfeit versions of its products.

A.L. Enterprises, a Nevada corporation, filed suit against Latitudes International Jan. 21 in U.S. District Court in Utah. The lawsuit charges Latitudes and its manager, Gordon Douglas, with trademark infringement, counterfeiting, federal and state unfair competition, and international interference with economic relations.

According to the complaint, A.L. Enterprises hired a private investigator to purchase two products from Latitudes' website. In order to establish jurisdiction for the international case, the detective ordered the products shipped to a Utah address.

A.L. sells its patented line of male chastity belts at www.cb-2000.com. The manufacturer claims that Latitudes has sold copycat versions of the devices at two websites: chastitydeviceformen.com and latitudes-international.com.

According to VegasTrademarkAttorney.com, Latitudes "does appear to be offering the same three types of 'devices' that ALE sells and using the same trademarks to identify its goods: The Curve [pictured], the CB-3000, and the CB-6000".

Source: VegasTrademarkAttorney.com