Exsens Debuts POS Display for Arousal Lip Gloss

PARIS—Exsens has created an easy-to-place Point of Sale Display to better showcase our Arousal Lip Gloss and secure add-on sales through impulse purchases.  

With its tingling hot/cold effect, Exsens Arousal Lip Gloss makes every kiss one to remember. The soft buzzing sensation lasts only a few minutes and the light strawberry flavor makes kissing both fun and delicious. 

Arousal Lip Gloss is completely body safe and condom friendly.  Making out has never been so naughty.

Exsens products are paraben-free and made in France with only the best ingredients. All packaging is BPA-free. 

POS Displays are available from Exsens now, as well as through Eldorado Trading Company and Entrenue.

For more, visit Exsens-Paris.com.