Erotic Heritage Museum's New Show: 'How Our Mighty Fall'

LAS VEGAS, NV—In a political climate where items of clothing as much as Instagram pics can lead to a politician’s career being shaken, stirred and halted, innuendoes, rumor and the supposed actual evidentiary items of affairs can be the stuff of media blitzkriegs. This season the Erotic Heritage Museum presents a line-up of three exhibits that explore the rumors of political mishaps and sexual hypocrisy, mistresses exploited (or exploiting) and the many rabble rousers, whether the media or a candidate’s opponent, who gain access to legitimate outlets and sources simply because their claims, true or not, are being made against famous political figures.

It comes to down to the power of sex, sometimes even just the “power of the panty,” that can see a career fall.

In the “American Sex Scandals” exhibit, featuring a collection of ‘claimed’ thigh highs, floggers, handcuffs, a leather vest and corsets from Bill Clinton’s mistress Gennifer Flowers; the “Sex In The Third Reich” exhibit, boasting WWII paraphernalia including authentic Eva Braun lingerie; and “Sex and the Aristocracy,” featuring a glittery dress, a bathing suit and other underthings worn by Prince Harry’s supposed mistress Carrie Royale, the EHM explores how the media exploits men of high influence and how sometimes those men can lead a country astray with their hypocrisies.

Among the questions EHM’s President/Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann, PH.D./M.P.H. hopes these three new exhibits will answer is: “Who is the one with the power in a relationship: the person in a position of authority or the person who holds their secrets?”

The Erotic Heritage Museum is as much known for its two floors of galleries, rotating exposés, performances and readings as its consistent educational opportunities through its programs and exhibits.

“At the Erotic Heritage Museum, we examine unique intimate relationships, and how they affect not only the individuals, but society at large," Dr. Hartmann explained. "It’s our job at the EHM to disassemble the nature of these intimate couplings and dig beyond the 'he said, she said' paradigm which exist across the spectrum of twosomes, threesomes and moresomes. One thing is for sure: the deeper we look, the more we find.”

As always, there is lots to find at The Erotic Heritage Museum with its “American Sex Scandals,” “Sex In The Third Reich” and “Sex and the Aristocracy” exhibits, as well as everything else in the museum this season.

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Pictured: Female Nazi youth willing to give their all for The Fatherland