Entrenue Will Distribute Doxy Massagers In the U.S.

PHOENIX, AZ—Entrenue, which now marks its 25th year in the adult business, has been named semi-exclusive U.S. distributor of the Doxy Number 3 Massager in two two sexy, new colors: a bright, chrome Candy Red, and a sleek, sparkly Disco Black. These gorgeous new colors join the original silver stainless steel Doxy Number 3 Die Cast Massager and give retailers two special editions of one of the most powerful and light-weight wand massagers available.

The Doxy brand has been popular since hitting the market in 2013, and the Doxy Number 3 joined the fleet in 2017. A smaller take on the wand massager, the Doxy Number 3 features a sleek 11-inch body cast from an aluminum/titanium alloy, a petite head molded from medical-grade silicone, and a long, 9-foot power cord. The Doxy Number 3 has Doxy’s signature LED lighted buttons, incremental speed control, and popular pulse settings, as well as a removable screw-on head that makes it easy to clean and switch out attachments.

The Doxy Number 3 also offers four 100% silicone attachments designed exclusively by Nexus: the Clitoral Stimulator, Penis Masturbator Sleeve, Prostate Stimulator, and Rabbit Vibrator. Made to be used only with the Doxy Number 3, these attachments easily screw onto the massager head and lock into place.

“Doxy was smart to introduce the screw-on attachments; they transfer vibration without dulling intensity and give users so many usage options,” Entrenue Senior Account Executive and Buyer Kim Maty said. “Doxy wands are known not only for their intense power, but also for their outstanding quality. You really can see and feel the workmanship with these designs, and the new Candy Red and Disco Black colors were a fantastic choice. We are thrilled to be one of a select few distributors to stock these beautiful new colors and we expect customers will be pleased.”

Both the original Doxy Wand and the Doxy Number 3 operate with any voltage and can be used safely anywhere in the world (with the included plug adaptor). Doxy covers all products with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. Weighing in at 12 ounces, the Doxy Number 3 is the lightest Doxy wand available.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.

In honor of Entrenue’s 25th anniversary, those who sign up may celebrate with specials and exclusives available to Entrenue customers only.