Entrenue Exclusively Shipping Queen Bee From Hot Octopuss

PHOENIX—Entrenue has been named exclusive distributor of the Queen Bee, the first product designed for women from Hot Octopuss. 

“The Hot Octopuss name has come to be synonymous with innovation and unconventional intimate experiences, and customers have been excitedly awaiting the release of Queen Bee,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella said. “The PulsePlate is beloved by users of all experience levels and lifestyles and we are so excited to see the technology implemented into a product made for people with clitorises and vulvas. Queen Bee is in a category of its own and we are happy to let customers know that they can finally get their hands on this precedent-setting product.”

This handheld massager utilizes the same award-winning PulsePlate technology that has made the company’s penis-centric toys a fan favorite but designed to provide oscillating massage for comprehensive clitoral and surface massage.

Queen Bee’s unique shape allows users to massage a wider surface area, rather than pinpoint one spot, and delivers deep, rumbly oscillations everywhere it touches. This design makes it ideal for massaging on and around the clitoris—important erogenous zones that traditional vibrators can’t completely reach—and can provide users with deeper, more intense orgasms. Resembling the shape of a hairbrush, Queen Bee is easy and comfortable to hold and provides a stimulation style unlike anything on the market.

For users seeking high-amplitude oscillations, Queen Bee’s pulse plate can glide across almost any part of the body, and users in need of a softer feel can simply flip it over and enjoy gentler massage on the reverse surface.

In addition to offering two different oscillating intensities, Queen Bee is equipped with six unique vibration patterns, a fully waterproof design, and magnetic USB charging capabilities.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.