Entice Me Looks To Change Home Party Landscape

LOS ANGELES—Home parties have existed in some form or another for decades, with hostesses inviting their friends into their homes to shop for everything from plastic food containers to jewelry and handbags to sex toys.

For many women, sex toy home parties are their first exposure to adult novelties, and in some cases, they are not always entirely happy.

Such was the case with Tiffany Alyse Yelverton. That unhappiness and her subsequent training in the worlds of retail and management led to her creation of Entice Me- HauteToy and Accoutrement Soirees to Make it a Sexier World!

“I attended a party from another company and was really disappointed in the quality of the products for the prices being charged,” Yelverton told AVN. “Shortly after that I noticed that the toys in my personal toy box were changing color on each other, and if they were doing that, what were they doing to my body?  Once I began looking into it further and found out there were no regulations for sex toys, it was a no-brainer. I was appalled of the chemicals used in not only sex toys but lubricants as well.”

Entice Me was founded in February 2011, with the goal of selling only luxury, body-safe, non-toxic adult toys and accoutrements such as organic lubricants, massage oils, candles, and bedroom accessories.

“We only carry products that are phthalate-free and contain no parabens, glycols or glycerin,” Yelverton said. “The majority of our sex toys are rechargeable and most of our accoutrements are organic. We try to source from local companies, if possible, supporting other small businesses.”

Offering high-quality products is just one of the ways Yelverton tries to set Entice Me apart from other home-party companies. Instead of parties, Entice Me hostesses hold “soirees,” and employees are called “sexinistas.”

“I wanted something that embodied my brand, the sexiness and the passion about high quality sex.” Yelverton said. “Distributor, consultant, etc. sounded so done. So I came up with sexinista. It is like a fashionista, but for sex. Fashionistas like haute couture clothing, we like HauteToys.”

And from that initial decision to carry only certain, high-quality products, Yelverton has never looked back. Not only does it set Entice Me apart from other home party companies, but also it allows her and her sexinistas to take pride in the items they offer: Each product carried by Entice Me has been researched for beauty, functionality and safety And though last year was the first full year Entice Me was in business, Yelverton said she expects to see a 15 percent increase in sales, perhaps even more.

And it’s not just the sexinistas who love the products and what the company stands for. Customers are also jumping on the higher-quality bandwagon.

“Our customers love it,” she said. “Most were like me and had no idea what was in the products that we all probably had purchased in the past. We also have positioned ourselves to garner a different demographic than perhaps what other companies go after, because of everything we do—from education to the branding we have created.”

That branding, she said, giving customers plenty of bang for their buck. In addition to selling them better pleasure products and lubricants, the sexinistas also offer plenty of education.

“We do educate a lot on products and chemicals, in general and during our Soirees, but once people see what we have to offer, price has not ever been an issue,” Yelverton continued. “People are more concerned than ever about eating organic, using safer products in all areas of their lives. The products we carry last a long time, have a warrantee, most don't even use batteries, so in the long run, they are probably saving money.

“You really can't put a price tag on your health and safety, not to mention a better sex life and more confidence-which I believe we show our customers too,” she continued. “We really focus on making it a sexier world, by helping everyone feel sexier in and out of the bedroom, by teaching them about their bodies, our products and how to incorporate them into their lives both alone and with a partner.”

For more information, on Entice Me, visit http://www.enticeme.co/.