Emojibator Founders Take To Streets For ‘Sex With Strangers’

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—The founders of Emojibator recently took to the streets of Brooklyn to interview people about their favorite phallic fruits, what emojis to use in booty call texts and more.

Kris Fritz and Joe Vela (who dressed up in a banana suit for the occasion) spent World Emoji Day last month filming their encounters for the inaugural episode of Sex With Strangers. The first video is available on Emojibator’s Facebook page.

Emojibator creates high-quality, body-safe vibrators that are inspired by emojis.

“We believe in humor and education to promote a society that celebrates pleasure,” the Philadelphia-based company states on its website. “Designed with this in mind, our products deliver countless health benefits while empowering women with delicious orgasms. If you seek self-pleasure, the playful and perfect gift, or are embracing your inner vegan, Emojibator will certainly deliver.”

Those who were willing to be interviewed on camera were given gifts for their participation: their very own Banana Emojibator. (The company also makes the Eggplant Emojibator and the Chili Pepper Emojibator.)

The 4-minute video was produced by NSFW.

For more, visit Emojibator.com.