Elbow Grease Lubes Get A New Look

SUN VALLEY, Calif.—B. Cumming Co., makers of the famous Elbow Grease brand of lubricants, has changed the packaging and lifestyle images for the brand in an effort to draw in a new customer base.

The new packaging features bold colors and graphics, while POP and standing display units have photographs of sexy young and buff men.

“We always have known that sex sells, but ‘good looking’ sex sells better,” said David Mazer, company owner. “The new, hot, lifestyle male images and repackaging stimulates the young gay community in both their pockets and pants.”

Elbow Grease, an oil-based cream designed for masturbation and anal play, has been on the market since 1979, but this is the first major repackaging done in some time, company officials said. They are confident, they added, that those who already use and love the products will continue to buy them, but the new images and packaging will definitely grab the attention of the next generation new to the product.

For more information, visit ElbowGreaseLubricants.com.